How does this work, exactly?

Glad you asked. I've laid it out in 6 easy steps for you.


Step 1


You fill out the questionnaire on my services page. We set up a phone date or we chat about what you need over email—your choice. I draw up a contract and timeline and send it over for your review. When you're ready to move forward, you pay 50%. I accept PayPal, credit cards, or bank transfers.

hello, nice to meet you =)


Step 2


I set up a Google Drive folder for us to share. You add any docs we discussed, like: existing customer research, testimonials, reviews, brand guidelines, style guides—whatever you want me to have moving forward. I set up a progress tracker so you can see my progress in real-time.

sharing docs in the cloud icon


Step 3


I get to work researching and writing some killer copy for you. Then I send the copy to a professional copy editor who gives it a nice once-over.

This is the part where I write killer conversion copy for your website, email list or newsletter

Step 4

You get the finished product in the Google Drive folder, along with a document explaining the different aspects of the copy—how it works and why. I'll include any research notes I have AND I'll throw in tips on how to maximize your ROI with my copy. Everything is organized so that it's easy for your designer to understand how formatting should work for web and/or email.

You get everything you need to maximize the ROI of your copywriting marketing spend


Step 5


You're 100% satisfied. If you're anything less than thrilled, you let me know what's up and I'll do one round of revisions. 

We want you 100% satisfied with your copy.


Step 6

You pay the remaining 50% and ride off into the sunset with your killer copy.

Bask in the glory of your high converting copy