Fill beds
                                AND hearts


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Conversion Copy for Addiction Treatment

Addicts aren't Robots

So don't write like one.

Your patients' lives are out of control, their relationships suck, their nerves are shot..and they just want to connect with real people who get them. So why aren't you able to fill your rehab beds?

Because patients know the difference between corporate BS and real talk.

And pro tip? They like real talk waaaay more.

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Get results

Killer copy builds meaningful relationships.

You reap the rewards.

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Get found

SEO that makes Google your new BFF?

Yes, please!  

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Save time 

 You already wear too many freaking hats. 

Pros do it better anyways. 

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We've helped a lot of people

Hi, I'm Erin.

I write sticky copy for addictions treatment providers and rehab centers that makes leads shout “Holy BEEP, these people get me!” and clickity-click that “Get Help Now” button.

Truth bomb: Nothing trips an addict’s BS meter faster than a cold, sad, clinical email or website.

Folks who struggle with addiction want to find people who understand them. You need to meet them where they're at and show them what's next. 

Your content needs to say: "Hey, you! Yes, you. We see you and we've got you!"

I'm all about that content. That’s the stuff that fills hearts AND beds. Your leads get valuable content that draws them in. And you?

You get intakes for days.

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